Sunday, March 20, 2011

what kind of friend will make you happy?

In bad times a friend will listen to your problems, helping you to put things in perspective and soften life’s blows, and having a close friend to confide in helps  to relieve the stress in your life.  In good times a friend is there to share the joy and to be happy with and for you.
Just like shoes, friends come in all shapes and sizes, and just like shoes, we need a good variety
  • the  outgoing friend – the life and soul of the party – in fact no party would be complete without this friend
  • the clever friend – knowledgeable or experienced – this friend is great for practical advice
  • the empathetic friend –  is the one who actually listens to your problems without immediately telling you their own
  • the happy friend who cheers you up
  • the sad friend who makes you feel needed
  • the friend who shares your interest or hobby of “collecting widgets” and will happily chat with you about  “widgets” all night long
  • the friend with completely different interests who can introduce you to new experiences
  • the workplace friend who understands the pressures that you are going through
  • the friend at the same “life stage” as you – with similar daily activities and challenges
  • the older friend – who can share the wisdom of their years of experience
  • the younger friend – who keeps you in touch with everything new (hopefully explaining the latest technology)
  • the old friend who has known you for years who you can share memories with
  • the new friend you can enjoy getting to know
  • the friend close by – who you can meet up with for a drink and a chat
  • the friend a long way away who you can keep in touch with, by email or phone and look forward to reunions with
In fact when you think about it just about everybody you meet is a potential friend – hope you find a new one today.

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