Monday, March 7, 2011

be happy at work

seven ways to be happier at work
  1. connect with people – very often its our relationships with others that give us most happiness in life, so try to build good relationships with your work colleagues, support and encourage them, show an interest in them and get to know them better
  2. don’t stress the small stuff – before you get annoyed about the irritations that you encounter, just stop to think whether it really matters? a good test is to ask yourself “will it really matter a week from now? or even a year from now?”
  3. celebrate small successes – perhaps you made a sale or dealt with a difficult client – ok, no reason to throw a party, but be sure to share your success with someone else or at least give yourself a mental ‘pat on the back’
  4. try to see the humour  -when things go wrong  (and they will), and be prepared to laugh at yourself.  Seeing the funny side of life’s little problems and not taking yourself too seriously can be a great way to turn things around
  5. accept change – there is a strong link between learning new things and happiness, if your boss suddenly wants you to take on more responsibility look upon it as a great opportunity  to learn new stuff
  6. be calm –especially when others around you are getting stressed – close your eyes and take deep breaths and if you can, leave your desk and take a break for five minutes and go for a walk
  7. stay positive – remind yourself about why you wanted the job, look for the positives, work hard and enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done.

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