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Monday, March 7, 2011

I can handle it

Just four little words but what a powerful thought.
When you think about most things that makes our life difficult or stressful  you find that what causes us most problems is fear itself.
We are afraid that we are not going to pass that exam, get that job, keep our kids safe, make that presentation at work, and manage our money well enough.  So many fears that it’s a wonder we make it through the day.
I used to be a terrible flyer –I would spend hours terrified on long flights, hating the moment when the stewardess closed the doors,  nervously listening for every change in engine sound, fearing the worst at the slightest turbulence, it felt as though I was single handedly keeping that plane up in the sky.  
Then one time – at the start of an eight hour flight I suddenly wondered what it would be like to not be afraid – if I just relaxed and didn’t worry, just let the pilot fly the plane instead of me.  All I had to do was sit back, enjoy the movie, enjoy the food, read my book, perhaps even sleep for a while and I suddenly realised that I could handle that.
 I have flown many times since – living a long way from home I have to – and although I don’t particularly look forward to it – I now know that I can handle it, and have never  suffered the awful fears that I used to.
Why not try it?  When you find yourself stressing over something just tell yourself that “I can handle it” and see how much stronger it makes you feel.

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