Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Create your own future happiness map

No matter how minimalist your home you probably have a few photos scattered around.  We all love to have photos of family and friends, our pets – and of course the holiday snaps that remind us of happy times past. 
But there lies a bit of a problem – they remind us of happy times past. 
Why not create an image of your present and better still your future. 
We’ve all seen the fancy interior designers on tv create “mood boards” before they tackle redecorating a room, and it’s a popular trend now with wedding planning for brides to be.  Surely your future deserves the same effort.
Collect together images of the everyday things in your present that make you happy, perhaps the view from the window, your bed, a nice meal you’ve just prepared , spring bulbs flowering right now in the garden.  Of course include your loved ones – they are part of your present too.
Now think about your future – what do you want that to include?  This is where you might have to be a bit more creative – you can’t take photos of the future so search for images that represent what you want to do or hope to achieve.
You could include pictures of places you want to visit, perhaps that retirement cottage by the sea that you are aiming for, the hot air balloon that you want to ride in, the yacht that you’d like to sail, the designer shoes you want to buy.  It could be an image of a successful athlete or business person that you intend to become.  It could be as simple as the perfect cake you want to bake or as life changing as the baby you want to have –its your future- you choose.
The only limit to your future is your imagination –so when you think about what’s important to you and select the images for your happy future “mood board” you are taking the first important steps towards creating that future.

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