Monday, March 7, 2011

come to your senses and be happy

we can use all of our senses to improve our moods and be happier
  • sight  - what a wonderful gift to let us see amazing things all around us, in nature- a cloud or a beautiful flower or the smile on the face of someone we love – look more closely and appreciate the beauty in your surroundings
  • sound – listening to music that you like can instantly make you feel more relaxed.  Whether we prefer classical or hip hop it can give us a great boost and if it inspires us to dance so much the better
  • smell – aromatherapy is a whole new area – why not try lavender for a start – it's supposed to be calming and helps to reduce exhaustion
  • taste – granny was right, a good cup of tea makes you feel better, it contains theanine which helps to make you calm.  There are many foods which can make us feel better – see my previous post on “good mood foods
  • touch – giving and receiving a hug can always make us feel better
Think about using all your senses to be happier each day

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