Tuesday, March 1, 2011

be happy to be successful

For all those workaholics – or those who have a partner who works all hours- this may be something of a revelation – its not being successful that makes you happy – its being happy that makes you successful.
Scientific studies (putting people into a positive or negative frame of mind and then testing their reactions to different situations) show that people in a positive frame of mind tend to
  • Talk to others more – and  to reveal more information about themselves (the self-disclosure necessary for forming close friendships
  • Be more interested in leisure activities – going out for a meal, having a party or going on holiday
  • Get more pleasure from social interactions
  • Get on better with other people, resolving conflicts and collaborating rather than competing
  • Help others more  and being more generous with time and money
  •  Feel healthier and feel less pain
  • Be more creative –thinking with originality and an open mind
  • Have more confidence in their own abilities
So perhaps as well as striving for more success we should all work on being happy – and just see what happens……………..

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