Wednesday, March 2, 2011

having a bumpy ride?

Are you satisfied with your life? – are you as happy as you could be, and are you spending enough time and energy on each area? – use the life wheel in the tools section to find out.
If you don’t think that the areas on the wheel are appropriate to you simply change them to others that you prefer.
On a scale of 0 meaning total dissatisfaction, to 10 meaning total satisfaction and achievement, decide where you think you currently are in all areas of your life
Mark your scores on the wheel using 0 as the centre of the wheel to 10 being the outer circle.
Now draw a line to join the marks together – do you have a nice even circle – any flat areas and you may be having a bumpy ride. 
Think about which areas are making you happy, satisfied and fulfilled. 
Which areas do you need to work on to achieve a better balance in your life?

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