Monday, March 7, 2011

the time to be happy is now

I can remember as a child thinking that life would be perfect when I was 13 – that was the age when I could join the local youth club and that (according to my older brother) was where everything was great and wonderful – of course it never lived up to the expectation – in fact, I can now remember the longing for it more than the actual youth club itself.
How much of our lives do we spend looking forward to being happy? – when I leave school, when I get a good job, when I get married – that’s when I’ll be happy.
Of course its good to have goals, to have things to aim at and look forward to, but if we get into the habit of constantly striving for the next thing, are we enjoying the journey as much as we could?
If we go through life thinking that we need a better job, a smarter car or a bigger house to make us happy, or that we would be content if we could just get a bit fitter and lose a bit of weight, will we ever reach that happiness?
Make your mind up to be happy right now with what you are, and what you have – enjoy the journey and not just the destination.

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