Thursday, March 24, 2011

happiness is a pound of sausages

Isn’t it strange how we want what we haven’t got?
Living in a Middle Eastern, Muslim country, naturally not many of the supermarkets around where I live sell pork, and those that do just stock a frozen, rather dubious looking variety. 
So yesterday, on a day out to visit friends “in the city” where I used to live, the last thing I did before returning home was to visit my favourite supermarket and purchase an insulated bag and a pound of fresh sausages.
I had a lovely day out, did a bit of shopping, had lunch with an old friend and then afternoon coffee with other lovely ladies.   I even managed a trip to the hair salon to get a much needed trim, which, as all ladies know, is always good for a boost.
A great day, it all made me happy but if I had to choose the best bit of the day, I’m afraid the sausages would come very high up on the list.  
I guess it’s the little things that make us happy

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