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Monday, April 4, 2011

30 things to do with bananas - apart from eating them

if you thought that bananas were just for eating just look at this list of uses for every part of the plant from root to leaf.  When I get stranded on a desert island I just hope there are bananas growing there……..
  • digging banana skins into the ground near the base of your roses will make them flourish and produce beautiful flowers
  • banana skin has a healing effect on open wounds
  • banana skins can be used to make banana wine
  • in South India the white fibrous inside of the banana plant is used to treat snake bites
  • the itchiness of mosquito bites can be reduced by rubbing with the inside of banana skin
  • banana skin can help to remove warts – place on the wart with yellow side out and hold in place with tape or plaster
  • ditto with splinters – apparently the enzymes help to dislodge the splinter
  • bananas are a great natural remedy for dry skin – mix one mashed banana with 2tbsp honey and ¼ cup yoghurt – smooth on skin and leave 10mins before rinsing off
  • make a deep hair conditioning treatment with one ripe banana, one egg yolk, 1tbsp honey and 2tbsp olive oil – liquidise well and apply to hair (omit the oil if hair is greasy)
  • a good hangover cure (after a big glass of water!) is made by blending 1banana, 2tbsp honey and 1½ cups milk (regular or soy) – as well as calming the stomach it gives you an energy boost – drink slowly to let your body absorb the nutrients
  • in Thailand banana leaves are used as umbrellas, roofing for huts and boat sails
  • the inner white part of the skin can be applied to burns, rashes and boils
  • urinary problems are treated with teas made from the crushed root
  • crushed leaves are applied to wounds to help stop bleeding
  • in Trinidad ripe bananas are made into a poultice and applied to the forehead and/or back of the neck to treat migraines
  • in the Bahamas a decoction of fresh green banana skin is taken for hypertension.
  • banana sap is extremely sticky and is obtained from the pseudo stem, skin or the fruit's flesh; it can be used as a practical adhesive.
  • textiles are produced from the fibre of the banana plant
  • banana fibre is also used to produce banana paper
  • having removed the white thin shreds completely, the skin of the banana can be used on leather shoes to bring out the shine
  • it can also be used to polish silver
  • eating cooked flowers of bananas helps to alleviate menstrual cramps and also controls excessive bleeding 
  • banana leaves can a be used to wrap food to be grilled or steamed and give a  delicate, nutty taste to the food
  • extract of core of the stem is considered to be useful in dissolving the stones in the kidney and urinary bladder and reducing weight
  • the banana leaf is used as material for makeshift riverboats
  • banana bark is used in the production of paper, hats, and decorations
  • brighten up your houseplants by removing the dust with the inside of the banana skin
  • burnt bananas skins mixed with honey are claimed to be an instant cure for hiccups
  • placing banana skins over skinless chicken breasts whilst cooking helps keeps them moist
and perhaps most importantly of all .........where would slapstick comedy be without the good old banana skin on the floor routine??

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